The Story

The Bible is God's continuous story of redemption and love. Each chapter walks you through a lower story, something that happens here on earth, and the upper story, God's plan for using the lower story to fit his much larger picture. 

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  • Ch. 1--Creation

    Understanding the main point of The Story: God desires to be with us!

  • Ch. 3--From Slavery to Deputy Pharaoh

    The incredible story of Joseph and his journey from slavery to 2nd in command!

  • Ch. 4--Deliverance

    Discussing the tremendous weight of delivering the Hebrew people out of slavery.

  • Ch. 5--New command and a new Covenant

    People desire to be free from restrictions but God established laws for the Hebrew people. But why? 

  • Ch. 6--wandering

    How many like travel? The Israelites traveled but not the journey they expected. Because of their sins, God took them on a journey to the Promised Land that would help them grow in Him. Their journey ended as will ours, and then there is the Promised Land. 

  • Ch. 7--The battle begins

    Facing their fears the Israelites prepare to go into the Promised Land.

  • Ch.8--A few good men and women

    Chapter 8 of "The Story" is about God's desire to be with us; it is also about Judges. In this story, you feel like you are on a roller coaster: up and down, good and bad, follow God and go on your own... Are you in this cycle? Are you doing whatever you see fit to do or are you trusting God? 

  • ch.9--faith of a foreign woman

    Many people consider the book of Ruth as the most beautiful short story ever written. Ruth is an outsider in the land of Judah, just as our sin makes us outsiders. But God, in His great love for us, sent Jesus to invite us to be insiders. Hear how in this lesson. 

  • Ch.10--Standing tall, falling hard

    Where there is no leadership chaos ensues. Society has come to live by the motto, "Do what is right in your own eyes." That's what was happening in Israel. It was chaotic, they wanted to be like everyone else, they wanted a king. It started with...

  • Ch.11--From shepherd to king

    Looks can be deceiving; God isn't impressed by outward appearance. His desire is to be with us. God chose David to lead Israel because David was a man after God's own heart. This is the kind of king God wanted. Not one that looked the part, one who desired what God desired. 

  • ch.12--The trials of a king

    It only takes one bad decision to ruin a reputation.

  • ch.13--The king who had it all

    Solomon had it all. Unfortunately, he also had a great fall. 

  • Ch.14--A kingdom torn in two

    After Solomon, the kingdom of Israel was divided by kings who left a terrible legacy for the people of God.

  • ch.15--God's messengers

    After the Kingdom was torn in two, God's messengers did their best to intervene. But the people continually chose to chase after false gods.

  • Ch.16--The beginning of the en

    This is the begining of the end for the nation of Israel. Their desire for sin and their lack of desire for God led them to this point.

  • ch.17--the kingdoms' fall

    Chapter 17 of The Story leads to the fall of the kingdoms; but there is good news...God is already planning a return.

  • Ch.18--Daniel in exile

    In God's story everything that happened points to God's desire to be with us, even the destruction of Jerusalem and the fall of the kingdom. So often, we forget that God is right here. Don't get so focused on what is in front of you that you lose sight of God. 

  • Ch.19--The return home

    What is your priority? The Israelites lost their priority through the years and God used other nations to help them find it again. WE are God's priority and He sent His son to die for us because He loves us. Shouldn't we make God our priority? 

  • ch.20--the queen of beauty and Courage

    Have you ever stopped to think about how you arrrived where you are today? Or, looking back at the decisions that led you to this point in your life? If you have stopped to reflect on your life that way, the story of Esther will resonate with you. 

  • ch.21--rebuilding the walls

    We talked about rebuilding the temple and this week will be about not only rebuiling the walls around the city, but of the rebuilding process of the people themselves. Everything in the Old Testament is leading to something bigger: a coming Messiah. 

  • ch.22--the birth of the king

    Four hundred years between the Old and New Testaments pass with little unfolding in God's upper story. There is still much happening in the lower story, but the Jews have to be patient and wait for God. Waiting is hard...but sometimes our wait is just as God planned it! 

  • Ch.23--Jesus' ministry begins

    Jesus' ministry is initiated with John's baptism.

  • ch.24--No ordinary man

    In his ministry people realized quickly that Jesus was more than just an average and ordinary man.

  • Ch.25--Jesus, the son of god

    Who is Jesus? That was a question they struggled with in the 1st century. Who is this man that heals, feeds and even offers forgiveness of sins? We ask the same question today...Who is Jesus?

  • Ch. 26--The hour of darkness

    The entire story is about God desiring to be with his people. And God is about to make that happen through the Messiah. He is the main character...but could the main character die?

  • Ch. 27--The resurrection

    What if it really were true? What if Jesus really did rise from the dead? What would change? Would it even really matter?

  • Ch. 28--new beginnings

    After Jesus rose from the dead those who followed him had to wonder "where do we go from here?" The tomb is still empty, now what?

  • ch. 29--Paul's mission

    The greatest missionary who ever lived started with a dramatic conversion experience. He preached the gospel, the good news of Jesus, wherever he went.

  • Ch. 30--Paul's Final Days

    The Apostle Paul gives us an excellent example of how to stand up to opposition and persecution.

  • Ch. 31--The End of time

    Every good story needs a good ending. In Ch. 31 of The Story, we conclude the greatest story every told with a fantastic ending!