Christian myths...busted

(Seriously? is a 9 part series. Not all are available on video. If you would like to listen to the audio version you can go to our archive page and find them there.)

  • Part 1--Faith Fixes everything

    Somehow along the way we came up with the idea that faith is a magic elixer that cures everything. If you have enough faith, God will (fill in the blank). But, faith leads us where God wants us to go. Where is He leading you? 

  • part 6--Let your Conscience be your guide

    We should let our conscience guide us when it comes to making moral and ethical decisions....Right?!?

  • Part 7--God brings Good luck

    We do most of the things we do to get something in return. Unfortunately, we often take that same stance on God. We follow to get from him. But is that right?