Facing the lions in your life and trusting God!

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  • Part 1--FAcing Fear

    This "Courageous" series is all about facing the Lions in your life. Those things that would battle against you and keep you from being who God has called you to be. This is all about having courage when you feel like you can't; when you can't go any further, do any more or stand any longer. 

  • Part 2--Locking eyes with a lion

    Have you ever faced the impossible? Have you ever thought that there was something staring you in the face that there is no way you can overcome it? Sometimes we think things are impossible only to find out they're not. 

  • PART 3--looking for a fight

    God has made each of us to make an impact in our world for His Kingdom; that can be a scary thing. But we are called to face our fears as it relates to being the person God called us to be by trusting in Him. 

  • Part 4--Standing Strong

    What will you do when everything around you is calling you to go against what you believe?