Changing lanes

Identifying the mission of the Church and getting in the correct lane.

  • part 1--restoring the Mission

    In many cases, the Church has gotten off track. We do a good job telling people about Jesus, but we aren't always good at showing them what it looks like to follow Jesus. Join us for Changing Lanes.

  • Part 2--Informing vs. equipping

    To fulfill the mission that God has called us to means that we must be in the game; not just on the sidelines but actually equipped to do what God wants us to do.

  • part 3--Living on purpose

    Our purpose is to point people to Jesus and show them how to follow Him. This is God's strategy for building His kingdom. 

  • part 4--Activity vs. relationship

    It can be easy to equate busyness for real relationships; most of those times there are great moments of relationship building within our family and other areas of our lives. But sometimes, we are just busy doing stuff. What can we do to make sure we aren't worrying about things that don't matter as much as building relationships in Christ's name? 

  • part 5--Deploy

    The Church is an army deployed by God. But not to take the world with sword or gun; but to take it person to person, life to life with the love of God and the grace of Jesus.