Be on guard

A series from 2 Peter...Watching out for danger

  • part 1--Lasting faith

    What will you do when everything around you is calling you to go against what you believe? 

  • Part 2--Trusting in truth

    2 Peter 1:16-18 relates the primary evidence of the eyewitnesses who saw Jesus. Will you trust it? 

  • Part 3--false teachers

    In the Be on Guard series, Peter is saying "Watch out" to those Christians in the 1st century and he is telilng us that today as well. But watch out for what? What is it that we must "watch out" for? What must we "Be on Guard"? 

  • Part 4--Jesus is coming

    Peter tells us that something bigger than all of us and all the sin and all of our problems in going to happen. And, this is good news for all of us! Jesus. Is. Coming.