In this study in 1 Peter we examine what it means to live an "authentic" Christian life.

  • Part 1--Hope

    It's easy to look at NOW, to only see what is going on right in front of us. Sometimes it's easy to get consumed, to get swallowed by NOW and forget orlose sight of the future. 1st Peter is all about this and encourages us to stand strong, fousing on the future and not on NOW; stand strong in our faith. 

  • part 2--Christian living

    What does it look like to live as a Christian? Christians are called to be holy. Why? Why be holy? Why look like God? For one reason, Christ died for us. 

  • part 3--love

    One of the identifying factors in a church is love. Love for one another. But unfortunately, bitterness, envy, and strife are too often what the world see when it looks at a church. We can only begin to be unified when we love one another. All you need is love; love that came first from God. 

  • part 4--Priesthood

    So many people struggle with their identity. We wonder, "Who am I? What is my place? How can I fit in?" For many people it causes them to devalue themselves. Peter tells us we are more than we think we are. He tells us God is building us into a Spiritual Building. 

  • part 5--marriage

    What should an authentic Christian marriage look like?

  • part 6--Suffering in righteousness

    1 Peter a letter written to 1st century Christians that had come out of paganism into a faith in Christ. Peter is encouraging them to have hope in the future that God has promised them; to live as Christians should live. This is why all Christians need each other in the face of trails and persecution. 

  • part 7--suffering in Christian living

    Suffering for doing what's right is often a part of the Christian life.

  • part 8--Suffering for Christ's glory

    The world is full of suffering--even for those who follow God.