Every Sunday our classrooms are filled with all kinds of kids, and we are so excited to tell them about Jesus! Our goal is to partner with your family to help your kids experience and know how much God loves them.


We’ve designed age-appropriate classes and activities that are fun, engaging, and all about Jesus! Most weeks all students can be dropped off in the nursery, preschool, or gym starting at 10:15 and will be ready to be picked up from the same location around 11:45 when church is over. 

Our Purpose:

 to provide a safe, loving, child-centered environment in which preschoolers can learn

 to come alongside parents to encourage them in the task of spiritual training for their children

 to enable and encourage parents and families to practice the spiritual disciplines of worship, study, prayer, evangelism and ministry


SCC's youngest members all have classes in the main building to the left of the main auditorium.

Discoverers (Birth - 2 Years)

Our nursery is complete with changing table, cribs, and toys for your growing baby. We know that life is crazy at this stage and that your child is learning and growing in amazing ways. We are ready to help!


Star Gazers (2 -3 Years)

When students outgrow the nursery area, we transition them into our Star Gazers classroom where they participate in singing worship songs, eating a snack, a simple craft, and a weekly Bible story.


Trail Blazers (3 - PreK)

Our Trail Blazer class is filled with fun and includes a play room and snack time. For our lesson times we gather around for Bible story time and expound on the story through hands-on activities.


Our Kindergarten - 6th graders gather in the Fellowship Hall behind the main building.

When students get dropped off in the gym, they can choose to do a number of fun activities like play basketball, air hockey, fooseball, Wii, climb the rock wall, and more. After the 10-15 minutes of free play we begin our large group time by gathering all of the kids into our Summit room for worship and a Bible lesson.


Navigators (K-3rd& Adventurers (4th-6th)

After large group time kids are dismissed into their peer group classrooms where they continue with age designed activities. We aim to build up our students in their knowledge of the Bible and help them to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. We offer a variety of activities, crafts, and games to help our students learn about God in a fun environment. 


eSummit (K-5th) 

First Sundays of every month from 6-8 in the gym

eSummit is our youth group for elementary and middle school students. We follow the same format that we do with the older Summit students in order to give them a taste of what Sunday night youth group will be when they reach middle school. 


Summit (6th -12th)  

Every Sunday Night except for the first Sunday of the month from 6-8 in the gym

Summit Sunday nights are the perfect opportunity for our middle and high schoolers to invite their friends to come hang out at church and enjoy each other's company. These nights are often filled with music, laughter, group games and a variety of shenanigans. 



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