Snellville Christian Church uses Servant Keeper to organize information about our members. Servant Keeper allows for protected access to our online member directory and personal giving records.



WHAT IS IT? The online directory contains contact information for members of SCC. This directory is password protected, only your fellow members can view the information. Giving records are NOT viewable. If you wish to be removed from the directory, contact the church offices or log-in to the member portal and update your settings.


HOW DO I ACCESS IT? You need to know SCC's password to access the directory (this is NOT the password you created for the Member Portal). The password has been sent out when we released the SCC app, but if you are new to us or need a reminder, please call or email the church offices. Click on the button below to view the directory.



WHAT IS IT? The Member Portal allows you to view and update your personal information and track your contributions to SCC. You can control what fellow members see in the online directory. This information is ONLY viewable by your fellow members via the online directory. We encourage you to upload your own photo!


HOW DO I ACCESS IT? All members with an email address in Servant Keeper can use the link below and click on “haven’t registered yet” to set-up your account. If you are new to SCC, or have any problems registering, please contact our offices. We may not have the correct e-mail on file for your account. 

Once you have created a password, you can access the member portal at any time by clicking the button below.